Video: Made To Measure Tailor Service


We have made this video about our Made to Measure Tailor Service to let you experience the true meaning of bespoke tailoring, also for those who are not expert in this field but who are interested in exploring it.
In this video the user will experience the steps of the creation of a made to measure garment, from beginning to end. We will show how the customer is received at our made to Measure Tailoring workshop, at the Messori headquarters, and you will be living a unique fashion experience, for your curiosity and interest.
When I receive a client in the bespoke tailoring workshop, the first thing I try to understand are the client’s needs and if he will wear his made to measure suit or shirt for a special occasion such as a wedding, a business dinner gala, or if if the client is simply looking for an elegantly tailored business suit to wear at the office.

The following step is the choice of the fabric for the made to measure tailored suit or shirt: a primary and essential step, determining a great part of the final result. The customer can choose from a selection of more than 500 varieties of fabric and color, among which some extremly high-quality fabrics such as Loro Piana and Thomas Mason.

At the tailoring workshop, the client will have a chance to touch and wear a selection of garments to choose the right fit and the best design for his needs: for example, you can decide the style of the collar of the suit jacket, either peak design or classic, and the number of buttons and slits.

After selecting and matching design and fabric for the made to measure suit or shirt, we will step forward and take the client’s measurements.

The ability of the Tailor is to understand the client’s needs to create a tailor-made garment that fully meets his requirements. Once the design of the garment is chosen, we will match it with other features such as the color of the lining of the suit, the color of stitching, contrasting with the lining, and bespoke embroideries such as the client's name. In case of a made to measure wedding suit you can also have the date of the wedding or of the event for which the garment will be made.

Meet me at my Made to Measure Tailoring Workshop!                                                                                   
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Location: Messori Corporate Headquarters, Italy
Messori corporate headquarters are located in Sassuolo near Modena and host the made to measure tailor workshop. 

Reception of the client 
The client is received personally by Gianmarco Messori, CEO, Fashion Designer and Tailor of the company – and introduced to the tailoring workshop. Gianmarco Messori is the Tailor who will design and create the made to measure garments for the customer.

In the tailoring workshop 
The laboratory of bespoke tailoring is located on the upper floors of the headquarters and displays finished garments but also all the elements needed to create the tailored suit for the client. In the workshop of bespoke tailoring different types of fabric samples are displayed - for suits, shirts, ties – golden cufflinks, a range of shirts in different fabrics, silks for lining, and buttons. In the Messori tailoring workshop not only tailored suits but also shirts and ties are created.

Discussion with the client and choice of fabrics 
For the making of the bespoke suit, the tailor needs to understand the specific needs of the client: style and design, details, and on what occasion he will be wearing the suit. This consists in a conversation which takes place at a table between the client and the tailor, an essential step for the making of the made to measure garment.
At this stage the tailor becomes the client’s fashion consultant and gives recommendations about any single detail of the made to measure garment he will make.
Once the style and design is chosen, the tailor examines together with the client the fabrics for the bespoke suit and shirt, from the silk linen, to the choice of buttons and other important details, such as the cuffs and collar of the tailored shirt.

Measurements of the client
Once the style, design, farbrics and details of the bespoke suit and shirt are chosen, the tailor takes the main measurements of the client, from the bust measurement to the shoulders, arms and neck.
The measurement is an important and delicate phase, since a mistake might compromise the final result of the made to measure suit or garment. It is in this delicate phase that the tailor distinguishes himself for his dexterity and skill, thanks to his experience in making tailor-made suits which are perfect in shape and size.

Fabrics pieces
The tailor prepares the paper pattern of the made to measure suit and shirt, and marks the fabric with tailor’s chalk. The cutting process follows, then the sewing, ending with the final check of every single detail of the finished made to measure garment.

Final fitting on the client 
After about four weeks, the client tries on the bespoke suit and shirt before the eyes of the tailor, who examines and makes sure that all the details are perfect. The tailor also gives advice to his client for a total look, suggesting a tailored matching pocket square and tie. The quality couture of the bespoke garments always ensures the client’s satisfaction.

Delivery of the made to measure suit and shirt 
The client of the made to measure tailor workshop receives a custom garment hanger and bag signed by Messori, containing the bespoke garment. - Internet Partner