Dictionary of fashion

In this section you can fint the most common notions about menswear's tailoring.

The sport coat is a men's jacket with an athletic fit.


Activewear means a kind of clothing for men and women.

American Collar

The american collar is a collar for males that tips are pronounced and long, cut off almost vertically.

AMF Stitching Tailoring

Also known as saddle stitching, where seams are madewith a point ornamental effect, very similar in appearance to the point in hand. This name comes from the machine that runs it.


Androgynous means a mode of dressing that is ambiguous, between the masculine and feminine.


The anorak is a sealskin coat typical of the Eskimos, with hood, that slips from his head.


Aplomb means a perfect line that gives a flawless fit to an item of clothing.


An application is a decorative element.


The aquifer is each of the tails of the jacket ceremony in men's clothes.


Armhole is synonymous with hollow sleeve and indicates a hairline cut of the sleeve, which gives much fit.


Aviator Jacket

The aviator jacket is a short jacket in life, rounded shape, leather and fur collar, similar to the Bomber.


The bag is a soft bag, limp and large worn over the shoulder.

Baggy Pants

Baggy pants are very wide, from the crotch down, worn by young people.


Band is a strip of fabric applied on a dress or any other item of clothing.


The barbour jacket is a sporty, masculine and feminine, waterproofed cotton.

Baseball Cap

Baseball cap is a form of headgear attached to the head tense, half-moon on the front.


Batik is a special printing technique born in southern India.

Battle Jacket

The battle jacket is a racket sport coat for males.


Beading means to realize or apply a border to a table cloth or a dress.


The bearskin headdress is of military origin, fur, a truncated cone, which can also have chin strap.

Bell Bottoms

The Bell Bottons (flared trousers) trousers are designed for marine and arrived on the scene of the '70s fashion.

Bell-Bottom Pants

Bell-Bottom pants are trousers that become wider from the knees downward.


An article of clothing the "bellows" is closed, folds the ends to give amplitude in the middle.


The belt is an accessory, generally made of leather, fabric or woven fibers, and is worn around the waist.


Bermuda shorts are knee-length shorts made of cotton.

Bespoke Suit

The bespoke suit is a suit packed on the customer's measurements.

Best Tone Genre

The expression BCDG (BON TON GENRE) indicates a style of clothing bourgeois.


The bib is a garment consisting of trousers with bib comfortable supported by two straps that cross on the back to hook on the back of one's trousers.


The expression refers to bikers and motorcyclists groups a tribe from the stylistic codes precise.


The black is a blue denim (jeans) piece dyed black.


The Blazer is a man’s jacket. A symbol of class and elegance.

Bling Bling

Bling bling is an onomatopoeic term used to describe diamonds, jewelry and even a style of clothing.


The blouson jacket is a unisex leather or fabric very popular in the 60s.

Bomber Jacket

The bomber jacket is a short and tight on the sides thanks to an elasticized band.


The boot is a sturdy shoe and quite sports high.


The boot is a footwear made of leather or rubber, which comes just above the ankle.


The bow indicates the superficial and hairy velvet, chenille and sponge.

Bow Tie

The bow tie is also known as butterfly.

Bowler Hat

Boxer Brief

The men's boxer briefs are made shorts with side vents.

British Warm

The British men's coat is a warm, warm fabric like wool and cashmere.


The term "Brode" means decorated with embroidery.


With the expression "broderie" refers to any type of embroidery performed on fabric as a decorative motif.


The broken is a male dress with jacket in a different color pants.


Brunus is a raw wool coat, long and wide, with hood.


Brussels is an embroidery hand made with linen thread.

Button Down Collar

The Button Down Collar, is used on shirts and polo shirts. It is presented with slots on the tips of the "sails", connected to two buttons attached to the front, which keeps the collar in the correct position.

Button Panel

The button panel is a type of closure with buttons applied on the shoulder.


The buttonhole is a row of buttons applied on an item of clothing or an accessory.


The hunter is a man's jacket for sports, made of corduroy or moleskin, with patch pockets.


The cache-col is a small handkerchief or scarf.


Cache-nez is a big woolen scarf.


The term derives from "ciaftan caftan", and indicates an item of clothing which is also known as the caftan.


The cagoule is a knit cap or other material.


With a blouse or camisole means a summer shirt with an open collar and short sleeves, lightweight fabric.


The Canadian is a ski jacket for men and women, waterproof fabric, with padded lining.


The canotier is also known as steel wool and a hard hat in straw.


The cap is a hat without a brim visor it, very tight, which leaves the ears uncovered.


Cap is a form of headgear covering male and female, without tense and often with visor.


The cape is a piece of clothing outside source wheel, sleeveless, often with a hood.


The cardigan is a wool jacket, low-cut "V", fastened with buttons and long up below the hips.


The carmagnola is a men's jacket with three-quarter sleeves, bulging, and simple, which takes its name from the town of Carmarthen.


A carre is a rectangular fabric, which comes down from the shoulders on the back, and sometimes on the chest, coupled to the garment with a seam.


The carrick is a male long coat lined, characterized by several overlapping capes.


The casual style is a style of clothing comfortable, informal, for males and females.


The chandail a heavy wool sweater, that slips from the head and is without buttons.


The Chesterfield coat is a coat of wool fabric, initially only gray, then also blue, black and beige.


The term refers to the chevreau properly tanned leather kid, very soft and mainly used to pack accessories.


The term means chic elegant, fine, distinct and you can report both the attitude and the way they dress.

Chinese Collar

The chinese collar is stiff, that is applied to the base of the neck, where it is secured on the inside with a snap button.


The trousers are chinos with a sporty, cotton khaki, with welt pockets and side pleats on the front.

Cigarette Pants

The cigarette pants are also known as drainpipe trousers.


The adjective indicates a classic style of clothing is not subject to changes in fashion.


The clutch is a small handkerchief, usually made of silk, folded into a triangle and tucked in the breast pocket of the jacket.


The coat, or blazer, is a generic term for male or female, an outerwear fabric caído along at least until below the knee.


A coat is a long-sleeved winter outerwear, masculine and feminine, packed with fabrics and warm materials.


The cockade is a rosette of ribbon curled or crimped and the back of a head longer than the front.


The codpiece is a small triangle of fabric closed by sewing buttonholes and between the pants.


The collar is the flap on the collar of his jacket, coat or overcoat.


Collar means that part of a garment or a mesh that follows the base of the neck.


The collar is the part of the shirt or the gown surrounds the neck, and can have multiple forms.

Collar Cyclist

A collar cyclist is a high collar fitting closed by a zipper, suitable for knitted garments.


Collection is a set of clothing created by the designer, presented in a parade or in the showroom twice a year.

Comfortable Fit

Models with a relaxed fit are garments that have larger measures, with a generous and comfortable fit.

Contrast Stitching

With contrast stitching, seams are sewn in a very different color as compared to the color of the fabric, in order to highlight the lines of the model and the seams themselves.


It defines "convex" as an accessory to a part of an item of clothing with a rounded shape.


"Coordinated" is a term used when clothing is packed in different tissues, but combined together in a harmonious way, to color for fantasy.


The corduroy fabric is cotton soft and slightly hairy, very durable.

Corozo Button

Button made from a material called corozo, also known as vegetable ivory.

Cotton ‘mano pesca’

Cotton ‘mano pesca’ is a special cotton fabric, smooth and soft to the touch, as the skin of the fish.

Cowboy Boot

Cowboy boots are for male and female, mid-calf, with elongated tip and the heel angle.

Cowboy Boot

The cowboy boot is a masculine leather, worn by cowboys, horse breeders.


Neckline of garment that follows the circumference of the neck with a curvilinear design.


The curl is a ripple of a fabric or of a detail of a dress, an accessory, etc..

Cutaway Coat

The cutaway coat is the coat of tight, black or gray single-breasted, with the foot dovetail.


The word "dapper" refers to those who dress with extreme care and excessive refinement so as to appear ridiculous.

Deconstructed Jacket

The deconstructed jacket is a garment with lightweight padding on the shoulder straps and without reinforcing the front with horsehair.


Denim is a rugged fabric in twill, with a warp effect, cotton thread, and with blue-dyed weft. It has on the right side, and on the back, a marked difference in appearance.


The dimple is a small infossatura that forms beneath the knot of his tie.


Double-breasted is a type of lacing characteristic for jackets. Particularly used for elegant jackets, but also applied to other kinds, in which the two parts of the front of the jacket are overlapping and joined by two parallel rows of buttons.

Double-breasted jacket

The double-breasted jacket is a jacket for male or female, with overlapping front and closed with two rows of buttons.

Double-breasted placket

The double-breasted placket is a type of closure of the clothes with two rows of buttons.


The doudoune is a type of jacket.


The term "dovetail" refers to a pattern of double "v" designed on the uppers of the shoes.

Duck Bill

Duck bill means a type of tip of the shoe that resembles the shape of the beak of the duck.


The duvet is a wind jacket stuffed with goose feathers.


The duvet is an item of sports clothing, for male and female, stuffed with various materials (goose).


The earmuff is a warm and stretch fabric band or circle ending with fur pom-poms covering ears protecting them from the cold.


An edged garment or an edged accessory is trimmed often in color or different material.


The elegant adjective is attributed to a person or a piece of clothing.


The embroidery is a decoration made with needle and thread, hand or mechanically, creating many different designs.

English Placket

The placket English is a type of placket in which the buttons are hidden.


Eskimo is a large sport coat, waterproof, hooded, usually gray in color green, lined internally.


A style which incorporates ethnic or reworks the traditional customs of non-European cultures.


The Eton is a straight-cut jacket worn by the students of English boarding school of Eton.

Fabric "Ribbed"

Fabric in a plain or twill weave, with the wires alternating in different colors at the warp or weft.


Replying to Fanè is a dress or an accessory aged from use.


Fashion is a style of dress, which changes with the changing of seasons.

Fashion Victims

Fashion victims is used to identify a person who is unable to identify commonly recognized boundaries of style.


The faux-col is a detachable collar.


The fedora is a felt hat from the cylindrical dome, with a central cavity surrounded by a tape from the wing rather large.


The filet indicates a can, an embroidery, but also a fabric with a loose weave, to the network.


The finishing is a treatment that brings new features to the fabric or yarn, making it brighter, improving the appearance or hand.


A flared garment is an item of clothing or part of it that widens towards the hem.

Flat Cap

The flat cap is a cap for males made with cloth, with visor.


Flawed is said to fabric or garment that has an imperfection.


The flower is the outer layer of the skin, delicate and soft, used for clothing and accessories.


Formal clothing is a classic, and conventional style for male and female.

French Collar

The french collar is a men's shirt that tips short and wide apart to make room for a wide tie.


The fringe is a seal with cords or wires hanging, to be applied to the edges of the sleeves, hems of clothing shawls, etc..


The style funk is a style of dandy black matrix, has its origins in the 50s with the singer Little Richard.

Fur Coat

The fur coat outerwear is packed with the coats of some animals.


The garde-corps is a men's overcoat, heavy fabric, trimmed in fur.


Golf is a kind of clothing, especially in wool, but also cotton, made however with heavy yarn.


The grisaille is a fabric in combed wool twill weave, in medium weight.

Grosgrain Ribbon

The grosgrain ribbon is a tape in a knitted fabric thick and embossed border or used as reinforcement.

Grunge Style

The grunge style is a style of American youth clothing, and became international.


The guayabera is a men's shirt, like a jacket, no tie to wear over pants, packaged in lightweight fabrics such as linen or cotton.


The handkerchief is a small square of cotton, linen and silk.

Hawaiian Shirt

A Hawaiian shirt is a wide, men's shirt. Also known waikiki aloha shirt.


With the term "necked" refers to any item of clothing that adheres to the neck.

Hiphop Style

The hip hop style of clothing was born in the wake of the success of American hip hop music genre in the early 80s.


Homburg is synonymous with the fedora is a soft felt male hat.


We define a honeycomb embroidery curling the fabric, resulting in small rectangles or diamonds.


A hood is a cone-shaped hat, sewn or fastened with zips or buttons on the necks of coats, but also on sweatshirts, sweaters, etc..


The hood is a mantle of varying length, width, to wear clothes.

Hunters Cap

Hunters Cap is a cap for male hunters belonging to the English tradition.


The husky is a sports jacket quilted from nylon diamond-shaped for male and female.


We define informal style of clothing for men and women, who plays the traditional dress with a sporty touch.



Jacket is worn by men and women that arrive at the waist or hips.


The jacket is an outerwear for men and women.


Jersey is a type of knitted fabric.


The Kefia is the typical Arab headdress worn on the head or shoulders.


The breeches are synonymous with knickerbockers, Courts, breeches stop at the knee.


The knot is tied by a ribbon, thread, cords and other materials, made to tighten or stop.


The k-way jacket is masculine and feminine, ultra-light nylon, with cap, which is worn by the head, as the anorak.


The label is a small strip of cloth, leather or other material, adhesive or sewn on the garment in which is shown the brand.

Laced Buttons

The lacing with buttons is a type of closure of an item of clothing obtained by means of buttons.

Laced Knot

The laced knot is a closure of a garment or part of it, obtained by knotting the two ends.

Laced Strings

Laced strings is a type of lacing in which a series of small holes are made to pass a ribbon to a lanyard.


A t-shirt lacoste polo in pique cotton, collared male, buttoned with three-button cuffs and tails.


The lapel describes the hem of the pants when the fabric is folded back on itself to the outside and then stop at the sides with a concealed location.


The lavaliere is a large black tie, tied in a bow, fashion from the 1800 anarchist emblem.


Leggings is a protection in leather, which protects the leg from the ankle to the knee, worn by troops on horseback.

Lightweight Boot

The lightweight boot is a hiking boot in waterproof leather with rubber sole.


A garment that is lined is entirely layered on the inside with a fabric, generally customized with the manufacturer's logo.


The lining is a fabric attached in the interior of the garment.


The loden coat is a typical Tyrolean origin of masculine and feminine, packed with the namesake fabric.


Brand and name of the company founded in 1924 and specializes in the production of very fine wool fabrics, owes its fame both to the high quality of workmanship and materials used.

Lumberjack Shirt

A Lumberjack shirt is a shirt that is heavy-checked.

Made-to-measure tailoring

The term made-to-measure tailoring means an exclusive service of creating fashion garments with a tailor based on the specific measurements and requirements of the client.

Mandarin Collar

The mandarin collar is a stiff collar without "sails", adhering to the neck, and used for shirts, jackets and blouses.


The term Melange is a French noun meaning "mixture".

Men's Casual Dress

The mens casual dress is a dress worn for the entire male leisure.

Men's Suit


Microfibers are very fine synthetic fibers.

Military Coat

A military coat is a double-breasted outerwear that is straight cut, inspired by uniforms, characterized by metal buttons and epaulettes.

Military Jacket

The military jacket is a single breasted jacket long until the hips, with square shoulders, long sleeves, with bellows pockets, fastened with brass buttons.

Military Style

The military style is a style of clothing that is inspired by the military uniforms in colors and shapes.

Mob Cap

The mob cap hat is a wide, rounded, in cotton muslin.


Mock is for male and female, made in different materials, with tight neck.

Mock Collar

The mock collar is a tight neck that rises up in the middle of the neck.


Monotone is any outerwear made with sheepskin.


Montgomery is a duffle coat heavy cloth with a hood.


The nail, also called perfecto, is a leather vest with side zipper and a waist belt.


Nappa or Nappa leather is very soft and supple.

Neck Listing

The neck to neck is a listing that goes straight and rigid, one usually closes the side, and is suitable for jackets.

Neck Scarf

The neck scarf is attached to the head, the back side of the neck from which a small scarf to be connected on the front.


The nock is the corner of a handkerchief, a strip of cloth and the like.

Node four in hand

The node four in hand is a node that has elongated triangular shape.


The term describes a Norfolk sports jacket for males.


A coat is a generic term for all outdoor clothing such as jackets, coats and raincoats.


Overcoat is a generic term for outerwear coats as light as a feather dusters.


The overcoat is a long and heavy coat for mens.


The padding is made of soft goose feathers, acrylic or other soft materials and is used to stuff clothing or any part thereof.


The panama hat is a fine woven straw.


The pants are also known as trousers and a garment born for males, but also for females.


The parkas is a sport coat for male and female, with a hood.


Pashmina is a type of fine cashmere wool.

Penny Loafer

The pennyloafer is a moccasin with external stitching, in which it was originally inserted through a penny.


The term refers to the Persian lamb "fur karakul all'astrakan", very similar but more thick and curly.



Pinstripe is a worsted wool fabric generally dark in color (gray, gray, blue, black, brown) with thin white stripes.

Pinstripe Fabric

Pinstripe fabric is a fabric that is generally dark-colored, in vertical thin lines drawn with a light color. Pinstripe fabric is very suitable in manufacturing jackets and classic suits.


The Piquet (or pique) is a cotton fabric with small emphasized patterns including diamonds, squares, dots.


For placket means the closure with buttons.


Planstron is a term derived from Italian plastron.


Also called Polacchina or Polish. An ankle boot made of leather, closed at the front with laces or strings.

Polo Collar

A polo collar means, an open neck without a clamp. Generally made in mesh and buttoned up to about mid-chest.

Polo Shirt

The polo shirt is a t-shirt in wool or cotton with shirt collar, closed by three buttons on the front, with short or long sleeves.


The poncho is a large rectangle or square woolen fabric with a central hole, worn to ward off the cold.


The puff is the bulgy part of an item of clothing.


The raglan sleeve is a type of long or short hanging sleeves.

Ready to Wear

This is the ready to wear women's clothing and men's product range sold in boutiques and department stores of value.


The refectory is a sandal for males and females. Made from flat sole, with lists in leather.

Regimental Tie

The regimental tie is a tie in any transverse lines.

Regular Fit

Models with a regular fit are garments are proportionately balanced in a linear fashion, making it neither too large nor too close to the body.


Resinato is made of waterproof fabric by a special treatment that uses the resin.


The term retro refers to a boss or a style of clothing inspired by the past.


Also known as lapel. The word ‘rever’ is derived from the English ‘reverse’, and indicates the interior part of the neck of the jacket.


The rib is a minutissima fold sewn in relief, on the outer side of the fabric.


It defines a rippling fabric, a piece of clothing or accessory that presents a feature or detail in small waves.


The rivet is a metal accessory, composed of two parts pressed together, used as reinforcement in bluejeans, applied especially to the sides of the pockets.


The sachet is a military hat bellows carried by soldiers.


The bag is a large bag of cloth or leather which is worn over the shoulder.


The safari style is a sportswear style, made with cotton khaki.

Saharan Africa

The Saharan Africa is a sportstyle in long, khaki, with shoulder pads and chest pockets applied on waist belt.


The salpa is the label sewn unto the back of a pair of jeans or casual pants. Generally, this is made of leather engraved or printed by laser, it also acts as a belt loop.


Samples are series of collections made up of fabrics, yarns, accessories or clothes that make up the whole of the business proposals of a brand.


The scarf is a long strip of cloth or mesh that is worn around the neck.


Is synonymous with figure-hugging flared.


Scuff is a cotton tape that you put on the inside rim of the pants.


The Seersucker is an ultra fine cotton fabric suitable for summer clothes.

Semi lined

A garment is only partially covered with lining.


The mesh seraphim is a unisex t-shirt in cotton or wool.


The shank is a reinforcement applied to the narrow part of the shoe between the outsole and the plant.


Shaved is a fur which the hair is trimmed and then made shorter. The shaven is also a point knitting.

Shawl Collar

The shawl collar is a collar that goes along with a curved line, until all'abbottonatura jacket or coat.

Shawl Neck

The term indicates the shawl neck, typical of an elegant gown, or tuxedo jacket, which draws a curved line along its entire length.


A shirt is an item of clothing for men and women that covers the torso.

Shirt Collar

The shirt collar is a pointed, Roman collar that is sewn to the base.

Shirt Jacket

Shirt jacket looks like a shirt with a shape similar to the jacket, but made of lightweight fabric.

Shoe Buttoned

A shoe buttoned is a shoe closed by buttons.


Shoes is a typical footwear originated from the ancient Romans, for both male and female.

Short Coat

Short coat is a men's and women's outerwear, warm waterproof fabric of different lengths (3/4, 7/8).  


A garment "cut" is a piece of clothing that has been reduced.


The shot is the front of a male's evening shirt, made rigid dall'appretto or worked in small folds.

Single breasted placket

The single breasted button fastening placket, is a style with only a single row of buttons.


The single-breasted outerwear are for males or females, closed by a single row of buttons.

Single-breasted Jacket

The single-breasted jacket is a jacket for male and female, with the front of non-overlapping and connected by a single row of buttons.

Single-Breasted Suit

The single-breasted suit men's suit is a type of whole male.


The slacks are men's trousers from the leg, very wide, long and straight. Fashion style between the '20s and '30s.


A sleeveless garment is a garment without sleeves.

Slim Fit

Models with a slim fit are garments in a small proportion.


The term slipped refers especially to a woman's dress to describe the soft line that caresses the body.


A smock is a blouse or tunic, short in life, usually in cotton canvas.


Synonymous with tuxedo and dinner racket.

Smoking Jacket

The smoking jacket is a jacket in Italian "tuxedo" but does not match the tuxedo jacket of the British.


Sneakers are shoes in canvas and rubber, but also in skin designs for sports use.


A garment for the foot and lower part of the leg, typically knitted from wool, cotton, or nylon.


The socket is a boot for males and females, that comes under the calf, the line cut.


The spencer is a jacket with lapels, short, just touching the waist.


Sportswear is an outfit used for sports.


We define a starched fabric made rigid by a bath in starch.


The stem is a fabric used in jackets and coats as support or reinforcement.


We define a stitched fabric, a piece of clothing or accessory traversed by seams obvious.

Straw Hat

The straw hat is made of wool, rigid, also called canotier.

Stretch Cotton

The stretch cotton is a fabric made using a thread of elastomer, or other fiber similar, that is able to impart elasticity to the fabric.



The style is a way of dressing characterized by specific features that makes it easily identifiable.


Brand and name of the company specialized in the manufacturing of glass and glass applications


The swimsuit is a garment worn by men and women to swim or sunbathe.


The tailcoat is an evening dress for males.


A singlet or tank top is a wide undergarment for female and male, low-cut, close-fitting, sleeveless, strapless.


Tartan is a special kind pattern from the woolen fabrics of the Scottish Highlands.


The tassel is a strip of leather fringed and wound on itself, used as decoration for footwear.


From the English "tight" fit. , isdefined in Italian "tight", for ceremonies and special occasions, worn only during the day, which the British call "morning dress".


The topcoat is a coat for males and females, packed with lightweight fabric, suitable for mid-season.


The trench is a trench coat for men, but also for women, gathered at the waist by a belt.

Trench Coat

The trench coat is lined with a waterproof fabric.

Trench Coat

A trench coat is a coat for female and male that takes the shape of a raincoat.


The trilby hat is for males, a narrow-brimmed hat.


The trocar is an outerwear that comes up to the mid-thigh or above the knee.


A tunic is a shirt with collar to list, fastened on the left, dall'abbottonatura hidden, straight line, which can be stopped by a belt.

Turtle Neck

The turtle neck is a neck-fitting, tube, top, folded back on itself comes up under the chin.


A turtleneck is a polo neck sweater.


Twins are a pair of jewel-like buttons with locking cabinet slide in the slots of shirt cuffs to close them.


The Ulster is a coat of Irish origin. The Ulster coat is mostly for males, but also for females.

Undercollar Splints

Small strips, generally made of plastic material or ivory, inserted in small pockets under the tips of the "sail" of the collar.


"Understatement" refers to a way of dressing undertone, which tends to make it appear more modest to a social status of a person.


An unlined garment is a garment that has no lining.


The term upholstered refers to a part of a head enhanced by padding.

Upper casual

What may be referred to as ‘upper casual’, are those garments that are conceptualized to be casual, yet are also elegant and sophisticated.


The vest is a male garment to be worn under the jacket and on to the shirt, sleeveless, fitted, fastened by buttons, with or without lapels.


Waikiki is synonymous with Aloha shirt or Hawaiian shirt.


Walkjanker is synonymous with Tyrolean jacket.


The wand is a plastic strip and more rarely of brass.


Refers to a waterproofed fabric, yarn or a piece of clothing treated and made water-repellent, that is impermeable to water.


The wax is a sports jacket, for male and female, with hood, waterproof fabric.


Waxing is said of a waterproof fabric, once coated with linseed oil, but today covered with synthetic resin.


The webbing is a ribbon of cotton, tightly woven, very durable used to reinforce parts of clothing and as a garnish.

Wet look

"Wet look" means is having a style of looking wet.

White tie

White tie is synonymous with tails, as one can wear with a white tie.


Windbreaker is a kind of sports jacket for men and women, made of waterproof fabric and stuffed with goose down.

Windsor Knot

The Windsor tie knot is a full-bodied perfectly triangular tie.

Wool Cap

A wool cap is a cap attached to the head made of mesh, with or without flap.

Work Trousers

The work pants are synonymous with cargo-pant.


The expression comes from the abbreviation "Young, Urban, Professiona"l, and describes the clothing and the lifestyle of a young international tribe of the '80s.


The Zazous is a school of thought active in northern France in the early '40s, during the German occupation and the name of a style of clothing.

Zig zag

The zig zag stitching is a type of sewing with diagonal points, used for hems or as ornamental pattern.


The zipper is a type of closure of an item of clothing obtained by means of a hinge.

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