Messori Wedding

Sartoria Messori dresses the groom on his most beautiful day. With Sartoria Messori you can create your tailor-made wedding suit.
Since 1976, we have been professional wedding suits for men in Modena: we dress the groom, the best man, the father of the bride, the friends of the newlyweds.
Gianmarco Messori, CEO and Tailor of the fashion house, offers an exclusive service to dress the groom according to his wishes.

Inside the Store, the groom-to-be can choose the right suit from a wide variety of already made suits.

Alternatively, for a special customization, the groom-to-be can choose the tailor-made tailoring service for the creation of the wedding suit exclusively dedicated to him.

The making of a formal wedding suit involves several stages of production, starting with the first meeting between the client and tailor during which the tailor will understand what the client wants and needs. In this way the suit reflects the client’s personality and even the theme of the wedding in question.

The attention paid to quality is the very basis of the tailoring service, especially regarding wedding suits, as the ceremony is such an important life event.

In every stage of production, from the careful selection of fabrics to the cut and the finishing touches, each wedding suit is the result of a constant stylistic innovation in elegance. The personalised nature of the tailored suit is based on the chosen features of the suit on the outside – colour, type of jacket, trouser cut etc. – and on the inside details – lining colour, button style, internal stitching colour etc.

The wedding suits produced by Gianmarco Messori can also be embellished with features that render it truly exclusive, such as having your name stitched internally with the date of the special day and the bride’s name.

Just as for traditional tailored suits the time taken to produce a wedding suit is about three or four weeks. The groom will be able to attend a first fitting after around two weeks.
Dress in the perfect outfit for an unforgettable day
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