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What was made-to-measure tailored wear mean?

Made-to-measure tailored wear means the hand-production of a suit, shirt, trousers, jacket or any other garment, done after the measuring of the client together with the tailor following the clients requirements.

What is Jersey fabric?

Jersey fabric is a normal loom fabric, but it is more like knitwear in elasticity and look. It does not have the same modelling details as most knitwear and is cut and hemmed or stitched like a normal fabric.

What does pinstripe mean?

Pinstripe, or pinstripes, is a fabric with a vertical striped pattern with the stripes placed repeatedly at an equal distance. The stripes themselves can be of varying thickness: when thin but with minimal distance separating them, for example 1 or 2mm, the fabric is known as millerighe; when thicker and further apart, for example as much as 2 or 3cm, the overall look of the garment, whether jacket or suit will be much stronger.

What do we mean by deconstructed jacket?

By deconstructed jacket we mean a jacket put together with very thin internal canvases and should supports.

What do we mean by tailored jacket?

By tailored, or constructed, jacket we mean the frame with which the jacket is put together. In a tailored jacket adhesives are not used, but the front parts of the garment are strengthened by using horse hair and with the use of a so-called canvas.

What do we mean by inner-tailored waistband?

The inner-waistband of the pants is given a tailored finish.

What’s the difference between weft and warp?

To weave the fabric, two groups of thread are used on the loom: one is used for the weft, and the other for the warp.

What do we mean by Regimental pattern?

The Regimental pattern is that used to describe a tie with stripes representative of a particular Regiment or club. It is especially traditional in Anglo-Saxon countries. The stripes themselves are dominant in colour and in size, normally diagonally slanting and of differing colour.

What is Caban?

A Caban is a wide fitting, sporty overcoat, generally made in blue cloth due to its European, military origins.

What are calature?

Calature are modelling details characteristic of knitwear which allow, for example, sleeves and bodies to be precisely joined together after separate looming procedures. These modelling details are sometimes visible as small transversal lines around cuffs. - Internet Partner