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The joy and serenity of mind comes from the sense of contribution to the world.

Gianmarco Messori found it in Africa, in particular in Congo, Gabon, Angola, during commercial trips, thanks to which he was able to get to know the local communities and the difficulties they face every day.

In particular, the visit to the orphanages was of great impact: dozens of children who have almost nothing left and risk having no future.

For this reason, Gianmarco Messori has decided to support the Association of Friends of Children and Mothers of Makoua, an ONLUS that manages 5 orphanages in Congo (to find out about all their missions, visit:

In particular, Messori has decided to support one of these orphanages, Cardinal Emile Biayenda, which currently houses 47 children.

Didier and his wife

Didier and his wife
This couple quit their jobs and with their three biological children decided to build this house in the middle of the jungle (with their hands and their money); he bought some bunk beds, he financed some construction that served the house.

Now they are building small studios and deserving students can go to live and study.
Every drop makes the sea ... Our financial support, however insignificant or not it may affect our heritage, can turn the lives of dozens of children in the orphanage of the Cardinal Emile Biayenda home, can give them hope of a a better future, it can give them an education and greater well-being, it can help the leaders of tomorrow who will take the reins of the country's economic development grow.

For donations and more information write to Gianmarco, who periodically goes to Africa to deliver donations.
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