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What does Drop 7 mean?

The Drop is a system for defining the fit of a jacket or suit jacket. Simply put it is the difference between the measurement of the chest and the waist. For example a European size 50 Drop 7 with have a waist size of 43cm based on half of the same trousers.

What do we mean by punto spillo?

With this term we mean the effect given, typically to a shirt fabric, by which a regular pattern of raised dimples, or needle points, are used to give texture and depth to the fabric.

What do we mean by a reversible jacket?

By this we meN a garment in this case a jacket, which can be worn with either side facing out. This requires some very particular crafting, known as mirroring, that must render the inner the same as the outer under the eyes of the observer. Moreover, even the stitching is treated so that there is no difference between sides.

What do we mean by nanotechnology treatment?

Nanotechnology treatment is a finishing process applied to fabric by dipping it in nano-sized polymers, which attach themselves to the fabric making it not only waterproof, but capable of repelling all liquids.

What we mean by windproof technical fabric?

By saying technical windproof fabric we mean a synthetic fabric, largely in nylon or polyester, which protects from the wind because of the special treatment of the fabric in the finishing processes.

What is doppio ritorto?

It is a method of working cotton fabric by which two cotton threads are twisted together and then woven into the fabric. This renders the fabric much higher quality, softer, shinier and resistant.

What is voile fabric?

Voile is a soft, sheer fabric, 100% cotton or a mix of cotton and linen. The name derives from French and literally means veil, this due to its lightness.

What are expandable pockets?

These are pockets with a ventral cut within which the fabric is folded in such a way as to give a three-dimensional look to the pocket which remains slightly puffed.

What is houndstooth patterning?

This is typically 'toothed' pattern obtained by warp and weft weaving four light colour threads and four dark colour threads.

What is Optical print?

Optical print is a fabric print inspired by the world of digital optics and characterised by the use of black and white tones. It can have an almost three-dimensional effect on fabrics and the viewer tends to lose focal point when looking at this type of pattern. - Internet Partner