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What is animalier print?

Animalier print is a print on fabric inspired by the animal kingdom; tiger and zebra stripe, or leopard spot prints are good examples of animalier style.

What is Damier print?

Damier print is a print on fabric which takes its inspiration from the game draughts and is characterised by rhomboid or square patterns.

What do we mean by Crepe de Chine silk?

This fabric is know as crape in English, and refined crape as satin; therefore China satin. It is a fine silk fabric, either monotone or with embroidered or printed patterns and with a characteristically crinkly surface.

What is Jacquard?

Jacquard is a type of fabric treatment, often used in knitwear, in which differing threads are woven together to create a coloured pattern.

What is mako cotton?

Mako cotton is produced in upper-Egypt and has a thread length of between 30-34mm which are destined for the highest quality cotton fabrics.

What does combed cotton mean?

Combed cotton is produced by means of a process that removes shorter threads and any impurities from the fabric. As a result it appears shiny and is smooth to touch.

What do we mean by hand-stitched buttonholes?

The hand-stitched buttonhole is different to machine-stitched buttonholes because it is first cut and then a kind of chain-stitched is used as a finish, which is done entirely by hand.

What is micro-fibre?

Micro-fibre is a synthetic textile that doesn't crease and is soft to the touch. It is used for jackets, overcoats and even for lingerie.

What do we mean by Super 110 or 150's virgin wool?

Pure, high quality, virgin wool is defined as such by the thinness of the thread with which weaving is carried out. The thinner the thread, therefore with a lower micron count, the higher the quality.

What is dyed-thread fabric?

Dyed-thread fabric is weaved from weft and warp threads that have already been dyed, even different colours. - Internet Partner