Double-breasted tailored froom suit

Client’s specific needs and requirements for the made to measure garment

Double-breasted tailored froom suit
I remember that the groom came at the tailoring workshop with the idea of wearing a tuxedo suit for his wedding, as he wanted to recreate a James Bond look.

He tried on some tuxedo suits but from my experience in the fashion industry, I suggested a double-breasted suit, that would enhance his thin body of medium height.

The groom said he did not like the idea of wearing a double-breasted suit because of its old-fashioned style, but after having him try a double-breasted model at our Factory Store, he was surprised by how this garment enhanced the figure and gave it a very sophisticated look. After this test, the groom asked me to make a double-breasted tailored black suit for his wedding.

Actually, a double-breasted suit is not usually considered to be totally suitable as a groom suit, because it is usually worn on more informal occasions. But if it is made to measure and has elegant details, a double-breasted suit can certainly become an ‘avantgarde’ tuxedo.

The groom and I therefore decided to turn his original idea of a tuxedo to a black double-breasted suit, with AMF seam (seam that runs along the edges of the lapels of the jacket) of 0.2 mm. With such a thin seam, the lapels of the jacket is clean-cut thus enhancing the peak (ie, the top tip of the lapel).

The double-breasted black suit was combined with a shirt in extra-white cotton twill with cufflinks and with a pocket square in the same fabric, just showing from the pocket’s rim. The tie was chosen in black satin, as requested by the groom to recall the James Bond style.
The made to measure suit: final result

Double-breasted groom suit with peak lapel in 100% wool 150 S’. Cotton shirt 170’S and tie in black satin.