Sassuolo Soccer Team

Sassuolo Calcio 2015-16 will wear Messori Menswear Collection again

Below you can read the Press Release of the Maison Messori:

"It will be the eighth consecutive year, such a strong partnership which is likely to enter the Guinness…"

This is how this marketing operation is seen by Gianmarco Messori, C.e.o. and tailor of Messori, interviewed after the rendez-vous with the AD of Sassuolo Calcio, Giovanni Carnevali.

"It 'a project that began long time ago, having had deep confidence  of Mr. Squinzi, an exceptional man who is the President of the company  and today the undisputed professionalism of Mr. Carnevali and his Master Group"

What are the common points between Sassuolo and Messori?

"On one hand a very clear strategy which focuses on young people and on the other a predominantly Italian company making the Made in Italy its trademark; I would say that this is the thing that, more than the heart, which binds our companies.
<moreover the Sassuolo adventure does not go unnoticed even abroad, where more and more channels show our matches; a few months ago, for example, I was in Gabon and I saw the match against Lazio, unfortunately we did not win ... But I was proud to show "my" team to African customers.

An exciting challenge that will allow us to increase international visibility on our luxury menswear brand.

There will be news on the uniform for this season?

"It certainly is, this year we’ll  revolutionize everything ... after two years of black we’ll move towards  a medium blue that matches well with black vests and the essential black-green tie. The input came directly from Patron Squinzi who wished to move from black ... et voila, here it is satisfied .. "

So you realize all tailored suits?

"Eh luck is that this year the Sassuolo made a few adds, although excellent, so I have the work done last year that helps me ... apart Cannavaro who has lost  6 kg and therefore is to be measured again."

Now all that remains is to wait for the official presentation of the uniforms that this year will take place within the company Messori Fiorano, but the date is still top secret.
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