Anti-covid fabric: safety starts from the shirt!


Anti-covid fabric: safety starts from the shirt!
Even during the lockdown, innovative ideas can flourish.
And this is how, in these anomalous months, an original project came to life, thanks to the synergy of two Made in Italy excellences: the Messori tailoring and the Albini Cotton Mill. The first anti-Covid shirt was born: it combines the quality of Gianmarco Messori's tailoring workmanship and the technology on the fabric processing of the Albini Cotton Mill.

In particular, Cotonificio Albini, a company from the Bergamo area, has suffered more deeply from the impact that the virus has had on the society and its economy. For this reason, this company wanted to do his part by developing the ViroFormula, an industrial process that generates an antiviral and antibacterial effect on fabrics, "up to a hundred times more effective than normally".

How does ViroFormula work?

The ViroFormula is made of a silver-based technological solution that allows to treat shirts in order to make them resistant to the virus. This innovative product is able to kill bacteria and viruses in minutes thanks to the ability of these silver particles to attract and cage viruses, effectively destroying them.

Tailored beauty in safety

This bactericidal treatment guarantees the aesthetic and craftsmanship value of the shirt, as well as its natural and soft quality on the skin. In fact, the treatment is invisible on the shirt, keeping the quality of the fabric and colors intact, without causing reactions on the skin.

It is our pride to have managed to combine beauty with protection in our clothing proposals: another Made in Italy excellence in the world.

As we work on new proposals for other men's clothing that will have the same anti-Covid treatment, sales of the innovative anti-Covid shirts have started.

Get to know them in our Factory Store or create your tailored-craft anti-Covid shirt thanks to our tailoring service!