New Maison Messori


The Messori company was founded in 1976 by Lanfranco and Germana Messori who have always considered Made in Italy an indispensable value to offer to their international customers.
This choice was dictated by the uniqueness of the Italian tradition and the ten-year relationships with the best national suppliers.

In fact, attention to quality becomes the central strategic moment of the product policy: careful selection of fabrics, tailored cut of the garments and the preciousness of detail, define the position of the brand in the upper segment of the market.
The strong propensity for innovation make Griffe Messori a company attentive to the search for new fabrics, with blends that aim at improving the efficiency and technical characteristics of the garment.

All the garments are studied in detail by the stylists of the Griffe Germana Martinelli and Gianmarco Messori, who in addition to the concrete taste for formal elegance and a strong innovative spirit dedicate an accurate analysis to modeling, to develop the proposed garments with precision and concreteness. .

The result of an avant-garde stylistic activity in the interpretation of shapes and of an academic attention to the past, the Messori collections express masculine individuality and dress a man capable of not conforming to trends, who manages to express within an increasingly homogeneous society, its uniqueness.

Focusing more and more on the logic of customer satisfaction, Messori has created a particularly articulated and flexible service within the company; the rapid and punctual response to customer needs make it an example of business organization.

Messori adopts the most modern marketing techniques: quality product, efficient distribution, fairs in the most important centers in the world, fashion shows, careful study of the material for the points of sale, showrooms, press office, single-brand stores, corners, show that Messori is a company willing to create a constant and continuous relationship with its customers, and confirms that the company's will is to consolidate and expand its presence on the international market.