Messori carries on growing in Africa: new boutique in Gabon


An article on EmmeWeb, Confindustria Modena's online magazine, tells the story of the recent opening of a Messori boutique in Gabon. The new single-brand boutique is in the prestigious new Radisson Blue Hotel in the financial centre of the capital, Libreville.

Following, the article published on January 27th 2017:

New Boutique in Gabon

After the ones in Nigeria and South Africa, the Modenese company opens a new store in the African country, Gabon.

The Messori Uomo brand shows no sign of stopping in Africa.

After the two opened in Nigeria and South Africa, the Modense company has opened a new boutique in Gabon, one of the sub-saharan African countries with the highest levels of economic development.

The new single-brand boutique is in the prestigious new Radisson Blue, an elegant hotel and financial centre of the capital, Libreville.

The country's political and economic elitè were present at the opening, many of who have been fond clients of the brand for some time.

Gianmarco Messori, CEO and tailor of the company with it's "Su Misura Black Label" made to measure line, is in fact personal tailor to many African Senators, Govenors and Prime Ministers.

So far, Congo, Angola, Nigeria and Gabon are representative of the main export markets for the Modenese company - Africa amounts to 25% of the businesses revenues.

«Opening the boutique at this time of year was not left to chance» says Gianmarco Messori, «the African Football Cup is disputed in these very days, one of the most important events not only in spoting terms but especially cultural and social across Africa».

Gianmarco Messori, «During the football tournament», the Modenese stylist continues, «Libreville is the nerve centre of several economic and cultural events of international level. What better occasion then this to open our single-brand boutique and consolidate our brand in the country. Without forgetting that for a long time Messori Uomo has always had a particular fondness for the world of football. In fact for many years we have been the official supplier of formalwear for Sassuolo Calcio, awinning partnership that we are honoured to be apart of and that gives s immense satisfaction».

And there's going to be more and more Africa in the Modenese fashion company. Among the various projects for the future, there's that of opening a new boutique in Brazzaville, the capital of Congo.

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