Messori BESPOKE #16 | Cut to Fit You: the Dandy

In this new video, Gianmarco Messori describes the Dandy style: he talks about the features of this style and the representative clothes.

Below you can read the speech of the video:

After having spoken about fabrics, their composition and rules to follow to choose the right suit for the right occasion

Today, we'll go to the core it, thinking of the personality behind a certain specific suit

And dandy is one of them for sure, Ready, action camera!

The dandy style is eccentric, elegant, refined and chameleon-like

A dandy wants to amaze, always and anywhere, wearing something unexpected: surprising, extravagant, unusual

But, in details, what should not miss in a dandy's closet?

1 a pocket square
1 a foulard wrapped around the neck
Coordinated suspenders
Eceentric shoes

The attention to details is of fundamental importance

But it's not what but how you wear it: it's all about attitude

And that of a dandy is not always seen as a positive one

A dandy is vain and showing off is second nature to him

Indeed these are characteristics that are not typical of those who have a nonchalance attitude...

And I'll tell you about this next time, see you!