Messori BESPOKE #15 | Cut to Fit You: the pinstriped pattern

In this new video, Gianmarco Messori describes the pinstriped pattern: he talks about the types of this fabric and explains how to wear it.

Below you can read the speech of the video:

 Today I'll deal with another must-have day suit: pinstriped pattern

 Ready, action, go!

 Pinstriped pattern is a traditional fabric named after the thin vertical stripes that runs on its surface and seem to have been traced  using a chalk

 At a regular distance and usually bright on a dark backdrop - but a dark on bright version also exists

 The stripes can be of three types

 The traditional pinstripe pattern in which the stripe is made up of a succession of small dots or pins

 The chalk stripe has continuous and thicker stripes at a greater distance

 And then the cable stripe, in which diagonal traits recalling a cable create the stripes

 Its natural habitat?

 It is the business suit par excellence

 Both in single or double breast version

 Combined with a white shirt, double cuffs and pons...

 And black shoes: Oxford or Derby models

 Sorry… I have a gala dinner tonight, I must go and get dressed...

 After 6 p.m. pinstriped suits are not allowed, see you in two weeks!