Messori BESPOKE #14 | Part 2 Cut to Fit You: Prince of Wales the fabric

In this new video, Gianmarco Messori suggests how to wear a dress in Prince of Wales the fabric.

Below you can read the speech of the video:

 Last time I told you about the Prince of Wales

 But I haven't told you on which occasions to wear it yet, Ready, action, go!

 Even though a Prince, it's not considered such an elegant suit. and it's not the right choice for a wedding

 It's not the right choice on official occasions

 But it's a day-suit to wear until 6 p.m. and no later

 You can choose it as a work suit if the company who work with allows

 Mixed with suede shoes and a tie, even if the latter is not strictly necessary

 But always pay attention not exceed in wearing it as it doesn't go unnoticed

 A tailor-made Prince of Wales suit includes three pieces: trousers, jacket

 And a waistcoat, to add a chic touch

 The fabric nuances are of fundamental importance

 In the most traditional shades such as beige and brown you can be creative with accessories

But keep away from belts and always choose braces

That must be in plain tint or with micro-pattern

Somebody loves to wear with a sneakers...I wouldn't…

If you wish to break the monotony

Wear it in  with denim

Or replace the shirt with a V-neck T-shirt

These are the combination I'd opt for

Next time I'll tell you about pinstriped suits

A symbol of power for business man, stay tuned!