Messori BESPOKE #14 | Part 1 Cut to Fit You:

In this new video, Gianmarco Messori describes history and characteristics of Prince of Wales the fabric.

Below you can read the speech of the video:

 When talking about the Prince of Wales, you usually refer to the Duke of Windsor, Edward VIII of England

 A man who, in fashion, loved to experiment. Ready, action, go!

 The Prince of Wales owes its name to the county from where it comes and to the Prince's grandfather who loved this checked  pattern for casual suits

 But it was the eccentric and rebel spirit of his grand-child to make it one of the most renowned textiles in man fashion

 His avant-garde ideas have become milestones in men's fashion. the dinner-jacket, the blue smoking, the double-breast jacket  with shawl collar and the smoking shirt?

 All of this thanks to him

 It is a soft and flexible fabric, the right and the reverse sides are the same and it is manufactured with a medium weight wool  suitable for day suits

 And what do the checked patterns have to have to be considered as royal?

 They must create a pied – de – poule motif and this is the feature that makes it a real prince

 Pay attention not to confuse it with the Clan, called this way as it was worn by the Scots and even though this fabric has a diagonal  effect too, it is different in detail

 And despite the Prince of Wales is a symbol of elegance and prestige...

 There are moments in which you'd better choose something else

 Would you like to know when? I'll tell you in two weeks time