Messori BESPOKE #13 | Cut to Fit You: "Super" unit of measure

Gianmarco Messori in the new video on tailoring BESPOKE # 13 Cut To Fit You, explains the Super, the measurement units of average fiber diameter.

Below you can read the speech of the video:

 You were just telling me that it's not the fineness of a thread to determine its quality

 Indeed and I also told you that today I'd have talked about Super

 Ready, action, go!

 I'm well prepared, I'll tell you what they are:

 Super is the unit of measure that assesses the average diameter of fibres.

 It's true, fine wool is obviously softer but it's not always the best.


 Ultra-fine wool is used to manufacture light fabrics that are very fragile and delicate.

 But the fact is that when I'm buying a suit I must consider the Super measure.

 Yes, the greater the Super, the finer the fabric.

 And if I asked you a rank to understand better?

 The SUPER 100 or 100 S is a sort of "minimum wage" kind of thing, you cannot go below it.  

 The SUPER 150 or 150 S is an excellent fabric

 The SUPER 180 or 180 S is like a good movie

 The SUPER 200 or 200 S is like a blockbuster movie

The SUPER 240 or 240 S is a cult movie.

 Ok, I got it! I want the best, I'll have a SUPER 240! How much will I spend for a suit?

 Almost three metres thirty of fabric at 800 Euros per metre...

 Well, a 150S will be more than fine, I'll tell you!

 I agree, the quality and softness are perfect and this fabric is easy to manufacture.


 And then, choosing a tailor-made suit and choosing the fabric is a moment of pure pleasure.

 Now, I just have to choose which...

 Next time I'll tell you about His Majesty the Prince of Wales,

 See you in two weeks.