Messori BESPOKE #12 | Cut to Fit You: Merino's Wool

Gianmarco Messori talks about one of the fabrics with he make a custom-made dress, it's the natural fiber of Merino's wool derived from Merino sheep bred in Australia.

Below you can read the speech of the video:

 There are many different wool types:  Mohair, Alpaca, cashmere, Shetland, Angora

 But the type of wool used to manufacture men suits is one of the most precious of all

 Merino wool, produced by merino sheep that are reared in Australia

 The new continent owes most part of its economic development to this natural fabric

 In fact, there's a saying which goes: Australian ride on sheep's back! 


 How is the best wool in the world produced?

 First of all, the conditions in which sheep are reared is very important

 But doesn't sheep suffer during shaving?

 Do you ever have your hair cut?

 Yes, of course I do

 The suffering is that of the person who shaves, during a work shit, sheep shavers spend the same amount of energy of a marathon  athlete

 And how can I recognize a suit manufactured using precious fabrics?

 When buying a suit, it's a hipster habit to ask if it's a super 120 or a super 150, yet it would be better to talk about micron!

 It is the measure unit to assess wool.

 Ok, listen, one of your hair is from 50 to 60 micron and the most precious wool thread is just 10 micron

 So the finer the thread is, the better quality? 

 Not really, we'll talk about in the next episode