Messori BESPOKE #11 | Cut to Fit You: the yarn

New appointment on tailoring BESPOKE #11 Cut To Fit You. Gianmarco Messori explains the best yarn to be used in the construction of a wool suit.

Below you can read the speech of the video:

 Yes, you did a gaffe… and don't tell me I hadn't warned you...

 Wait a minute, it's Johnny

 Well, the role of a gangster is perfect for you...nobody else can kill elegance like you do.

 In the previous episodes, I told you about the details that make the difference between a tailor-made and a prêt-à-porter suit.

 But today, we'll start a new season dedicated to materials 

 Ready, camera, go!

 All clothes in the world are manufactured with fabrics and textiles

 A weft of threads like a story that deserves attention.

 If, once upon a time, there was a fibre then we talk about yarn that is evaluated considering its softness, warmth and compactness. 

 But we have to start with something, well...

 From wool, obviously. Did you know that 90% of wool produced in the world comes from Australia?

 I even did not know how much spun is necessary for a man suit...

 You need 40km of spun! And in a year a sheep can produce a quantity of wool for two suits only.

The rest? I'll tell you in two weeks time.