Messori BESPOKE #10 | Cut To Fit You: the braces

A new appointment on tailoring BESPOKE #10 Cut To Fit You. Gianmarco Messori explains another men's fashion accessory, the braces.

Below you can read the speech of the video:

 If tie and bow-tie are destined to special events braces, on the contrary, can be worn day in day out. Let's see how, ready, action,  camera!

 In the past they were the only way to support trousers, in fact they are also called suspenders, then belts came and braces went  out of fashion but only braces can guarantee a perfect fitting.

 In particular on the bottom that always needs to be in the spotlight.

 Braces can be of two types: in gros grain therefore elastic or in silk and they can be closed using clips or buttons.

 I definitely prefer button braces. I give you some important tips: if you wear plain tint braces, you can match a patterned  tie or  bow-tie but if you want to add a special touch to your look, wear patterned braces and do not add anything else.

 And I also like when "she" wear.

 It's all for today, see you back in September