Messori BESPOKE #9 | Cut To Fit You: the bow tie

Gianmarco Messori explains the bow tie, a symbol of elegance in men's fashion.

Below you can read the speech of the video:

 Hi! Ready to loose the boat from its moorings?

 Today we'll sail around elegance and knot will be that of a bow-tie only


 Somebody sees it as a huge obstacle.

 I'll teach you the easiest way pass the right side onto the left side make a knot and forget about the left side we put the lower side  around the neck and we turn up the top side and now the tough part of it as we have to put the bow-tie inside this hole and  the  peculiarity is that we have to put the back side of it and not the top end of the bow-tie  this part inside the hole.

 Now, the thing is we have to put the bow-tie inside the hole and then take it out from the other side this way  let's adjust it as we  like but not too regular otherwise it will lose its hand-made touch a recommendation that very few peple know once got to that  phase, it's not over yet because if you tie this side, the bow gets even more appealing now turn it and tie it on the back let's adjust  the shirt collar the bow-tie must be out of the collar.

 Have you had a safe journey to the harbour?

 Now, get off your yacht and enjoy your gala night...

 See you in two weeks time! "don't worry, I didn't forget about braces"