Messori BESPOKE #4 | Cut To Fit You: the tight

Video describing another male dress of excellence, the tight. The tight is a wedding ceremony is often chosen for weddings but for style and etiquette to follow some important rules.

Below you can read the speech of the video:
  • I've already told you that gala suits par excellence are four: tailcoat, tight, demitight and smoking, of which I  alked about last time.

  • Today I'm focusing on those, most frequently, are chosen for wedding ceremonies.

  • If you are getting married during the day, the tight is the perfect suit.

  • But the bon-ton dictates two rules: If you are wearing a tight, all men relatives of the couple must wear a tight too. And that may be a little too expensive, don't you think?

  • The jacket has a slim fitting and one single button. It is rounded in the front and has a long shallowtail with central tear and buttons are in satin like the lapels In the pocket, you can wear a square or a flower.

  • Trousers must be pinstriped, with no belt loop to wear with braces.

  • White shirt with traditional collar and cufflinks.

  • And for these the same rule of the smoking suit, they must come out of the jacket of 2 cm.

  • The waistcoat can be single or double-breasted If the bow tie is the symbol of the smoking, for tight suits the tie is a must. 
  • Shoes must be black, smooth and not extremely glossy.
  • The perfect shoes are the Oxford type.

  • And never wear mocassins.

  • Who is recommended to?

  • Someone who is at least 1.80 metre tall but I'll let you wear a tight even if you're 1.75 metre tall and then the tail length will be reduced. But the most popular is the demi-tight It has all the same characteristics of a tight.

  • But no tail It can fit all as the open tear on the front makes the silhouette slimmer. Even if you're not a size 16.

  • That's all for today but I'd like to talk about tiny details, what to start with?

  • See you in two weeks time.