Pagne shirt

Pagne shirt
An absolute novelty invented by Maison Messori: we have created a line of silk shirts called "Pagne".

This line of shirts owes its name to the typical African fabric, rich in colors and designs. Each shirt is made with the special Italian silk of Como, a pride of Made in Italy that makes each garment of great value and value and lasts over time.

The "Pagne" shirt, in addition to the precious composition in Como silk, is characterized by colorful and original patterns and can be enriched by personalization with your name inside the design.

We made the first "Pagne" shirt for Serge Abessolo, a very famous African actor, originally from Gabon. The shirt that the Maison Messori created for Serge is made of a blue and colored silk fabric, with a rich tribal pattern that evokes some African animals, such as giraffes and typical fish, and some tribal elements of good omen and prosperity.

Do you want to create your own pure silk shirt personalized with a particular pattern and your name?
Maison Messori is at your disposal for a tailored shirt of what you want.