The Half Tight and British shades for a dress of immortal elegance

Sartoria Messori dresses the groom on his most beautiful day. With Sartoria Messori you can create your tailor-made wedding suit.

Since 1976, we have been professional wedding suits for men in Modena: we dress the groom, the best man, the father of the bride, the friends of the newlyweds.
The Half Tight and British shades for a dress of immortal elegance
Revisitation of the half-tight in extra fine super 150s Merinos wool, with shawl lapels and coordinated navy blue double-breasted waistcoat.
Shirt with round collar,  cuffs for cufflinks.
Micro-patterned pure silk bow tie.Michele for crowning the most important day of his life, he prefers a classic and formal style, with marked “British” shades and immortal elegance.
He opted for a piece of clothing of considerable elegance, the revisited Half Tight. Not so unfriendly from the classic English-style Tight, it looks more simply as a single-breasted jacket, rounded on the front and straight on the back, without a tail, characterized by the usual shawl lapels and distinguished by a navy blue color, ideal for daytime weddings because it is enhanced by natural light.
Consistently coordinated with a double-breasted waistcoat in the same bright navy blue and the same fine Merinos Extra fine 150s wool, the dress in its entirety is the expression of a timeless elegance, extremely refined and rejuvenated by the shorter cut of the Half Tight .
To complete the whole, Michele opted for the classic shirt with cuffs for cufflinks, with a hidden buttoning, which gives an elegant and sophisticated look, and a round English collar, perfectly combined with a bow tie in precious and shiny silk fiber. with a micro polka dot pattern.
For the shoes Michele decided to remain consistent with the “British” style, wearing a Monk Strap model; shoe able to give continuity to the outfit of the true gentleman, characterized by a double buckle fastening and opaque prussian blue color.