Twentieth-century style groom suit

Client’s specific needs and requirements for the made to measure garment

Twentieth-century style groom suit
The groom was looking for a groom suit in the typical early twentieth-century style to celebrate the most important day of his life.

The design of the suit was decided, so my goal was to suggest the right combination of fabrics and colors, on which Matteo gave me carte blanche.

Since I believe that the authentic suit pants are pinstriped, as you see in the picture (the rest are just copies or re-interpretations that are not worth mentioning), I took inspiration from the shades of color of the pants to choose a pair of gray nuances for the jacket and vest; Matteo had required a satin lapel, so we opted for a darker gray for the jacket and a lighter gray for the vest, both in Loro Piana Tasmania fabric.

To add a warmer tone to the twentieth-century style groom suit, having chosen an off-white shirt, I opted for an ivory tie, to contrast the cold gray tones.

The groom suit was then completed with genuine mother-of-pearl buttons in natural color, square pocket and boutonniere. A question often arising is: when I wear a boutonniere, should I or should I not also wear a square pocket? As usual, it depends on the figure type, thin or overweight, short or tall, etc. As a general rule, however, I’ve noticed that if the square pocket shows just a half centimetre above the pocket’s rim, creating a "light point" in harmony with the shirt, the result is graceful, so I prefer when it is worn; this is not a written rule but that's what I like personally.

The groom completed his twentieth-century outfit with a top hat in black felt, an accessory that goes perfectly with the style of the suit.