Made to Measure Groom Suit

Client’s specific needs and requirements for the made to measure garment

Made to Measure Groom Suit
Our main goal, together with the groom, was to create a bespoke suit that would make the figure thinner and taller, with a touch of understated elegance although rich in details. I thus suggested a classic two-button suit with peak lapels for the groom. The peculiarity lies mainly in the vivid blue color, the lapel style is peak as in traditional tailoring, with external satin finish: this feature, matching with the tie and buttons covered with the same fabric, gives the dress a sophisticated style that makes it extremely chic.

We chose to avoid flaps on the pockets, to make the figure thinner, and keep only the jetted pockets; the detail of the ticket pocket on the suit enhances its made-to measure style. The ticket pocket is a third pocket located just above the right pocket, that breaks the symmetry of the jacket and balances the breast pocket on the left side.

Another detail that enhances the ceremonial style of the suit is the vest. The vest may only be worn on the wedding occasion, but that is probably the only “investment loss" in the whole wedding look. The two-button suit will instead be worn in many other occasions.

For the inside of the jacket the groom chose a lining in the same shade of the suit, on which the wedding date and the name of his future bride were embroided upon his request.

The made to measure suit: final result

Made to Measure Groom Suit, the fabric used is 100% wool 150S' blue, two-button design with ticket pocket. The vest of the groom suit is in ivory color, with mother-of-pearl buttons, to warm up the shades of the suit. 200S ' white cotton shirt and pocket square. Suit interior fully lined, with lining embroidered with the wedding date and the name of the future bride.