Loro Piana Tailored suit

Client’s specific needs and requirements for the made to measure garment

Loro Piana Tailored suit
The client was looking for a tailored suit for his wedding and from the first moment he decided that it would be a made to measure suit, since the wedding he was planning with his bride was very elegant and stylish.
After showing the future bridegroom different types of fabrics and colors for the suit, his choice fell on the fabric that best represents style and elegance: Loro Piana Tasmanian.

Loro Piana Tasmanian is considered the best fabric in the world; the Loro Piana family is known for being an Italian company with vertical structure, which operates from shepherding in New Zealand to the finishing of the fabrics in Italy. A careful fabric processing that allows to obtain an item of clothing with extraordinary quality standards.

I remember when the groom wore the suit for the first time to test the fit, he and his mother were amazed by the lightness and freshness of the garment, despite the 2.5 mt of Loro Piana fabric that had been used.

Usually a groom suit has dark colors, but since the wedding was to be held in the summer, and considered the current fashion trend tending towards lighter colors in the men’s wardrobe, my suggestion was to downplay this classic ceremony garment with a choice of a scale of gray shades.

With the groom, we decided for a light shade of gray for the made to measure suit jacket, while for the vest we opted for a gray with a two-tone darker shade, to create a stylish contrast with the white cotton shirt.

The pants have been made in classic pinstripe fabric, to keep a classic touch for the Loro Piana tailored suit, given the significance of this item of clothing in the history of menswear.

For the cotton shirt an excellent quality fabric was chosen, Albini twill cotton 200'S - a value indicating the thickness of the cotton fibre diameter, expressed in microns. The higher is this value, the thinner is the cotton thread, and therefore more valuable.

The cotton shirt was designed with button cuffs, and my fashion advice is to always show them; the cuffs with cufflinks actually just show a couple of centimetres, to create a light point in the figure.

To complete the Loro Piana made to measure suit, I added a pocket square for a further touch of elegance. I always suggest to the groom for whom I create a talored suit to match a pocket square with the same color of the shirt, because I think it is more chic and elegant than a pocket square in a shade of color that is different from the shirt, or that is made ​​of the same fabric of the tie.

The tie for this Loro Piana tailored suit has been made in glossy wool viscose, which was chosen for its shiny texture, avoiding a too sharp contrast with the color of the jacket.

The buttons are made of genuine mother-of-pearl, thus tending to be glossy, while those on the vest are decorative buttons, hand-sewn.

The lace-up shoes were bought at our factory store in Fiorano and are in black shiny calfskin to complete the Loro Piana groom suit. The shoes for this kind of tailored suit should not be extravagant, you should nearly not notice them.

The made to measure suit: final result

Tailored groom suit in Loro Piana Summer Tasmanian fabric, 90% wool and 10% silk. The suit combines different shades of gray, a lighter shade for the jacket, and a darker one for the vest, in order to create a visible contrast with the color purity of white shirt and of the pocket square, made of 200 S’ cotton twill. The pants are classic pinstripe pants in cigarette fit, without pleats.