Two-button made to measure suit

Client’s specific needs and requirements for the made to measure garment

Two-button made to measure suit
This customer arrived at the tailoring workshop with very clear ideas: for his exclusive wedding, ha was looking for a groom suit and two other suits, similar but not identical, for his wedding witnesses.

Considering the request of the groom, I started to think about possible solutions, and I finally suggested to use the same type of fabric for the three tailored suits, but in two different colors. The tailored groom suit would be black, while the witnesses’ suits would be anthracite gray. The fabric chosen for the made to measure two-button groom suit was fresh wool with tone-sur-tone thin stripes, very bright and crease-resistant.

Another requirement of the groom was a bespoke suit that could possibly be worn after the wedding, on other formal occasions.
For this made to measure two-button suit I focused on the details: the buttons were not made in corozo but in the same fabric of the suit - this tailoring process is very complex and expensive because each button is carefully made by hand - to create a sophisticated and exclusive garment.
Furthermore, the pockets of the jacket suit are double welt pockets, instead of the more commonly found flap pockets (the flap is the part that "tapes" the slit of the pocket), to create a garment with a clean-cut style and certainly more suitable for a ceremony.

In the tailored suit jacket I was able to convince the groom to have also a ticket pocket, a third pocket located just above the right pocket, that breaks the symmetry of the jacket and balances the breast pocket on the left side.

The groom's look was completed with a precious shirt in lightweight Oxford fabric, cuffs with cufflinks, and square pocket. The tie chosen to match the tailored two-button suit was in a cold shade of gray, with a reference to the color of the suits of the witnesses.

For the wedding day, the client required a dress up service, an extra service provided by Messori for the groom: the groom is assisted while he dresses up right before the ceremony.

A further request of the customer was to have the wedding date embroidered in the linen of the suit, as a memory of that very special day.

The made to measure suit: final result

Two-button tailored suit in 100% cool wool, black, with tone-sur-ton thin pinstripes. The jacket of the suit has peak lapel and double welt pockets. Shirt and pocket square in Oxford 200S’ white cotton.