Gianmarco Messori presents: Messori Bespoke, Cut to Fit You

Messori Bespoke. Cut to fit you! is the viral campaign consists of some videos that explain to the public the differences between a piece of clothing and tailoring one end ready-to-wear. 

Below you can read the speech of the video:
  • Hello! Well, let’s start!

    Action!, Camera!!

    My name is Gianmarco Messori and I’m a tailor.

    I’ve grown up among textiles, colours and tailor tools. My family has taught me that quality means no compromises and that

    The creation of a unique tailor-made garment can make you happy.

    I wish I had become an architect like my favourite fashion designer, Gianfranco Ferré, but if things always went according to plans, it would be no fun.

    So I’ve changed my plans.

    I attended the Marangoni fashion institute in Milan and graduated in Fashion Design. From that day on, I’ve dedicated my time to my only passion: tailoring.

    I believe that a garment, a cloth in general, must adapt to you and tailoring is exactly this: the most effective method to
    exalt perfection.

    The secret ingredient? The quality of materials, the skills to highlight strengths, the ability to conceal defects.

    There’s a big work behind the construction of elegance and it’s also true that tiny details make the difference.

    For example, in this outfit there’s something wrong. What is it? The pocket square must never match the tie.

    Eager to find out what pocket square  I’d match to this outfit? I’ll tell you in the next episode.