Messori Bespoke #2 - Cut to fit you: bespoke suit

Gianmarco Messori describes the look of the actor Johnny Deep advising some sartorial dress corrections.

Below you can read the speech of the video:
  • Today we have a special guest, Johnny Depp 
  • Let's start.

  • He's one of the most famous Hollywood stars and after 10 nominations to the Oscars as leading actor, he also managed to win once.
  • Many women: Kate, Vanessa, Amber, a dream-like life but even a star like him has something to hide.

  • I'm talking about his legs.

  • Would you ever imagined he's got too short legs? No?

  • I'll tell you!

  • Look at him here, too wide trousers and what about the jacket? A disaster, too small but too long and the sleeves do not let the shirt come out.
    And I'd add that those who make his tailor-made suits can do better.

  • I knew he got angry.

  • (Answering the phone)

  • Yes,yes, I'm busy now, I'll call you back later!

  • What was I going to say? Nobody's perfect and what we really need are some tips to enhance our virtues and hide our defects: tailor-made clothes.

  • What would I change?
    I'd make the trousers slimmer to conceal the legs....short legs.

  • I'd shorten the jacket and the sleeves to make the silhouette slender and I'd let the shirt come out of the jacket's sleeves, a fundamental rule.

  • Just very few things to make a big difference.

  • That's all for today but I've still many things to show you, stay tuned!

  • Oops, nearly forgetting, here's the pocket square I'd choose for this outfit.