Made to measure groom morning dress

Client’s specific needs and requirements for the made to measure garment

Made to measure groom morning dress
This client had very clear ideas, he was looking for a very prestigious groom suit, expressely created for the wedding ceremony, and he wanted to achieve perfection through details.

I thus suggested to create a made to measure morning dress with special attention to the details of the suit. I added a satin-covered button to the black morning dress jacket, in the same fabric of the jacket peak lapel. The tailored suit is therefore somewhere between a morning dress and a tuxedo, shorter than the first and with a more rounded front than the latter.

Also for the vest I focused on the details: each button is covered with the same satin fabric as the vest, and the vest has a lighter shade of color on the back, which gives it a satin effect. In fact, a double-sided fabric was used on both sides of the vest. Also the tie was made with the glossy side of the same fabric.

The pants were tailored with a classic style, to give the groom an essential look. In fact, if you wear a jacket and vest with tailored details, the rest of the outfit should have simple design to complete the look. In this way, the beholder concentrates on the details of the dress, on which, together with the groom, we focused our attention.

To achieve the level of perfection required by the groom, I finally worked on the linen of the made to measure morning dress, paying special attention to the seams of the lining of the jacket, made with contrasting stitching and embroideries.

This groom was the first one to ask me to embroider the wedding date on the jacket of his made to measure dress, an idea which I thought was interesting and that I also suggested to my next customer.

The made to measure suit: final result

Made to measure morning dress with satin lapel, 100% black wool 150 S’, with black satin lapel. One-button design with ticket pocket, vest and tie in cold grey viscose. The buttons of the jacket and of the vest are covered with fabric. The made to measure suit pants are in classic pinstriped fabric.