Made to measure three-piece groom suit

Client’s specific needs and requirements for the made to measure garment

Made to measure three-piece groom suit
The first requirement was to dress a slender body and try to slim the figure as much as possible. To do this, there are some secrets that a good tailor should consider: the color should be quite dark, the measures must be carefully calculated to be "slightly" short in order to slender the figure, the jacket must be carefully cut to size to adhere the body shape, with a few extra centimetres for the comfort of movement, through the jacket flares.

Another very important thing is to make a jacket that fits well when unbuttoned, especially if a vest is being worn under it. This is because the groom will keep the jacked unbuttoned for most of the time, and this is how he will appear in most of the photos of the wedding. I thus prefer that the jacket adheres to the body when buttoned, but that then after the ceremony, when it is kept unbottoned, the groom appears relaxed with the jacket unbuttoned, but still flared.

Following these rules, the groom chose a classic three-piece blue suit, with two buttons in glossy corozo, and classic lapel. The fabric of the three-piece suit is the classic blue Tasmania by Loro Piana, an Italian company leader in the production of wool.

The final effect is an extremely elegant groom outfit, in which the client felt comfortable to stay with his guests with confidence and style.

The made to measure suit

Three-piece blue groom suit. The fabric used is 100% wool 150S' blue by Loro Piana, three-button design with matching vest and mother-of-pearl buttons. Shirt and pocket square, regular fit, white cotton 200S'. Partially lined interior with embroidered name of the client.