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What is foot stitching?

Foot stitching is stitching that runs just a few millimetres from the edge of necklines, pockets, shoulders etc.

What is edge stitching?

Edge stitching is the stitching that runs exactly along the edge of necklines, pockets, shoulders etc.

What are patch pockets?

Patch pockets are those largely square-shaped pockets with rounded bottom corners, which are applied to outerwear in particular, and are considered to be casual in style.

What is a ticket pocket?

The ticket pocket is a pocket often seem on classic or sports outerwear above the right-hand pocket.

What are flap pockets?

Flap pockets are welt pockets, normally there are two, that have a rectangle of fabric (usually with rounded edges), which is the flap.

What are welt pockets?

Welt pockets are those of the pockets which have a bordered-fabric finish, or welts. They are different to flap pockets.

What are Carrettera pockets?

Carrettera pockets are the pockets on the front of pants running from the outer edge of the pant towards the centre of the pant, almost horizontally. Therefore the pocket opening is from above.

What are American style pockets?

American style pockets are those on the front of pants that run from the outer side of the pant, with an inclination of about 30°, to the waist. They are also called classic pockets.

What does diagonal weave mean?

Diagonal weave is the way in which warp and weft threads are woven; in this case the effect on the eye is that of a fabric with transversal lines, at about 45° and running parallel to each other. This weave is also called Twill.

What do we mean by inner-tailored waistband?

The inner-tailored waistband of pants is the finish given to pants inside. There are differing levels of quality: from pre-produced to personalised, or even fully hand made for each garment. - Internet Partner