Messori BESPOKE #6 | Cut To Fit You: patch pocket to the tailored jacket

New video on the sartorial details about a garment tailored from one end ready-to-wear, today the pocket sewn on a tailored jacket.

Below you can read the speech of the video:

   Last time I talked about buttonholes and the opportunity to embroider your name inside the jacket.

   Today, I'll focus on pockets as they have a fundamental role too.

   Lights, camera, action!

   In prêt-a-porter pieces, the fashion designer decides which type of pockets to use for a jacket.
   The rule is that casual jackets use patch pockets.

   Evening jackets have bound pockets.

   And for day suits, flap pockets are perfect.

   In tailor-made jacekts, you create the jacket that is perfect for you.

   I'll reveal you a small secret: pockets must be aligned to the body of the jacket itself.

   This is a detail that is easy to recognise especially for glen plaid or pin stripe fabrics.

   The design must coincide on the rear as if the pocket was completely invisible.

   You can also add some style details such as the ticket pocket.

   Originally created for business cards, today it is a tailor-made refinement, with or without the flap.

   That's all for today but I've got so many other details to talk about.

   See you in two weeks time!