Messori BESPOKE #7 | Cut To Fit You: the rever

Gianmarco Messori explains the "reversible", another component of the male, which can be made on your tailored jacket in different ways.

Let's keep on talking about details, today it's time for lapels.

Ready, action, go!

Sigla breve

Lapels can be shawl, peak or notched.

Shawl lapels are typical of smoking suits.

Peak lapels pointing the shoulders, on the contrary, are typical of double-breast jackets.

And then the traditional notched lapels that have the form of a triangle.  

If pockets must coincide with the front side of the jacket

In this case the rule is exactly the same.

The jacket collar shape must coincide with the back.

Lapels can be either wide or slim, depending on taste and needs.

Wide lapels are typical of Neapolitan tailoring style and is suitable for 1 or 2 buttons jackets.

The French tailoring prefers slim lapels.

But I'll reveal you a special secret, if you prefer a 3 button jacket with wide lapels

Then there is the Neapolitan buttonhole

It is an aesthetic touch, conceived not be buttoned.

The lapels width develops according to the number of buttons of a jacket

The less the buttons, the wider the lapels

Lapels and I have finished for today, see you in two weeks, we'll talk about shoulder design of a jacket  

Bye, take care!